Welcome to the Lika Cup

The Lika Cup is sure to be a super soccer shootout as teams from all over come together to battle for supremacy. The two events feature a Festival (U8-U12), and a Tournament (U13-U17). Teams do NOT require travel permits to participate in the Lika Cup 3v3



U8 (born 2007 and later)

U13 (born 2002 and later)

U9 (born 2006 and later)

U14 (born 2001 and later)

U10 (born 2005 and later)

U15 (born 2000 and later)

U11 (born 2004 and later)

U16 (born 1999 and later)

U12 (born 2003 and later)

U17 (born 1998 and later)


A champion from each Tournament age-group qualifies and receives a FREE registration to the Disney 3v3 Championship in Florida! For more information, click HERE


Winners from each age group must meet USYSA age requirements to be eligible to play in the Disney 3v3 Champions tournament in Orlando, Florida. (Registration fees to Disney 3 v 3 in Orlando paid by tournament host. All other cost including accommodations and transportation to be the responsibility of teams).


                 Top 10 Reasons to be a part of the Lika Cup and play 3v3 


  1. Quick Footwork – Play one and two touch soccer between your teammates to move the ball quickly.
  1. No Goalkeepers -Why is scoring a goal in 11v11 soccer usually so hard? Because there is someone directly blocking the goal! In 3v3, there are no goalkeepers.
  1. Kick-Ins -Don’t worry about throwing the ball in during 3v3. When the ball goes out, you kick it in!
  1. The Angles -Position yourself defensively to cut off passing and shooting angles. On offense, try forming a triangle to position for attack. Also, when shooting, don’t forget to bend it like Beckham.
  1. The Small Field – Quick sprints, 1 -2 passes will help you develop great footwork and awareness in limited space.
  1. Learning Patience – 3v3 can be a game of patience. Being unselfish and passing can produce better results than being fast and losing the ball.
  1. 3v3 Tournaments – You only need 6 players to roster a team for a 3v3 tournament. Make a bond with your teammates during a day full of soccer fun. Also, because of the small field, your cheering section can span an entire length of a 3v3 field!
  1. Playing Under Pressure – Develop and practice making quick decisions by playing 3v3 soccer.
  1. Goals, Goals, Goals. – An average 3v3 game has about 10 goals. The feeling of scoring a goal makes the game that much better.
  1. Because It’s Fun – Soccer is fun. 3v3 Soccer is just another way to enjoy the best sport in the world